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Parent Communication

Buliding a Bridge Between
the Family Room and the Classroom

Little Explorers Academy focuses on providing high-quality childcare, and the preschool staff is here for you and your family every day. Little Explorers Academy's staff including owners, directors and teachers make communication a top priority, especially communication about your child’s daily care and activities.

We keep you informed through a variety of communication methods, including the following:


Little Explorers Academy staff are committed to open and daily communication and inform parents about their children’s care and accomplishments through daily activity reports. With ongoing communication, parents and teachers can help each child become fully prepared and excited for kindergarten and beyond.

Family Teacher Conferences

We offer regularly scheduled conferences throughout the year to discuss children’s progress and behaviors with their parents. Little Explorers Academy teachers provide tips and insights to guide parents through learning and developmental milestones.

Organized Community Events

Little Explorers Academy is more than a community; we’re a family. We have an open-door policy and invite families to visit at any time, participate in special celebrations, be involved in the School and attend special events to foster relationships with other families.

Parent Area - Family Connect

Current families can visit the Parent Area at any time to stay informed.

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