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Coronavirus Update

I know you’ve seen one too many Reports, Posts and Emails about the infamous CoronaVirus (COVID-19), but please let me update you on our response at Little Explorers Academy.,/p>

From Loading up on Supplies to Keeping Up with the Updates from the Media and Watching for Direction from Federal, State and Local Agencies, we want you to know, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

As parents and Grandparents, we are all trying to keep our cool while ultimately doing what we are meant to do — Protect our Families and Children.

My Staff’s Children Attend and Play at Little Explorers Academy too, and We are Committed, more than ever, to Maintain the Cleanliness and Safety of our Facility.

So, like you, Little Explorers Academy has its “game face” on and we’re doing everything we can to stay Clean, Sanitized and do our best to prevent ALL viruses within our Center.

Here’s How we’ve Been Fighting Germs since Day One:
  • Continuing Daily Routine Disinfecting with Antimicrobial Products, such as Soap, Lysol, Bleach, etc
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Throughout the Day and Closing, every night early, for Deep Cleaning of our ENTIRE Facility.
  • Ensuring that our Soap Dispensers are Always Full and Hand Sanitizers are Readily Available for use from Staff, Parents and Children over the age of 2 years old. We also use Gloves when needed.
  • Monitoring our Team’s Health and asking them to Stay Home if they or their own Children are not well and sick. This is why some of our teachers have been absent recently and may be in the future.
Here’s What We Are Asking of You:
  • If You or Your Children are sick, PLEASE Stay at Home, Recover, and Wait until you Feel Better and you are not Contagious before joining us another day. It is usually a full 24 Hours after a Fever Breaks, or 24 Hours after the Start of an Antibiotic, before it is Acceptable to Return to our School.
  • Please remember to Wash Your Hands OFTEN with Soap and Water, for at least 20 seconds. And don’t forget to teach this practice to your children, as we do enforce this practice all day long at school.
  • Please remember to Cover your Mouths when Sneezing or Coughing. A Tissue is Recommended; however, we teach the Children to use their Sleeve at their Elbow if a Tissue is not available.

~~~~ FINALLY: We do not intend to CLOSE our Center at this time; however, if it becomes Necessary in the Future, we will Let You Know, as It will only be to Protect your Families. ~~~~

If you have Questions or Concerns, please:

Despite this Virus or Any Other Uncontrollable Situations, our Goals Remains the Same: We will Always be Striving to be a Safe, Clean, Sanitized and a Fun-filled Daycare and Preschool for you and your family.

Warm Regards,
DeAna Kindt, Director/Owner

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