Childcare Cameras

KidsVision Daycare Cameras

Our Live Childcare Cameras

Little Explorers brings you the best in quality service in many ways. One of those ways in our partnership with KidsVision's daycare video streaming service. Once your child is enrolled at our childcare center, you won't miss a moment. You can check in periodically or keep it up all day! There is no extra cost associated with how often you use the camera system. You can request your username and password by filling out the camera authorization form. Once you have been approved and activated, you can access your child's classroom live by clicking Little Explorers Childcare Camera Access below!

Camera Security

Webcam security is KidsVision's top priority. KidsVision uses a multi-step security process along with 256 bit digital encryption to prevent unauthorized access to Little Explorers Learning Centers' web streaming feeds. Room specific permissions are set for each child to be sure that only authorized parents and families are able to view the child or children that they have enrolled. Our KidsVision online parent monitoring service makes "dropping by" much easier for our Little Explorers families.